Seminars and Activities

Sample seminar and activities – all seminars subject to change. 

The following are a sampling of after-school activities that are offered after-school from 3:45 – 4:10pm.


This course is designed to provide the student who is interested in choreography the time and space to experiment and explore. Stu dents will learn the basic principles of choreography, including theme and variation, motif and repetition, and we will practice manipulating time and space. The course will be more open to allow students to experiment with the ideas that interest them. Students can expect to improvise, create and perform in every class. We will analyze and enjoy different choreographer’s masterworks by viewing dance on film.  

Chamber Singers

This ensemble is for students wishing to expand their choral experience in an intensive 45-minute class that meets once a week. The focus will be on increased vocal agility as well as blend and overall musicianship. A variety of choral music will be studied and select pieces will be presented at the spring music concert.  

Poetry Seminar

This seminar is for middle and high school students interested in writing poetry.  Students encounter an array of poetry and poetic ideas, and they work on weekly assignments to explore these ideas in their own work.  In addition to reading the work of established poets, the students share their work with one another, learning how to think about and critique their own poems and those of their peers.  Assignments focus on various poetic elements and modes of construction, ranging from couplets to sestinas.  

Fitness Training

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano. Ready to go from Mathlete to Athlete?  The workout will include calisthenics, cardio training, obstacle courses, and a lot of fun.  The goal is to keep you fit and energized throughout the year.  

Debate Team

For high school students only. 

The Pierrepont Debate Club, which participates in debate tournaments sponsored by the Connecticut Debate Association, is an extemporaneous policy debate team.  In pairs, students debate propositions of public, international, or social policy that are provided to them.  Recent topics have included unmanned military drones, prison reform, the financial aspects of climate change, and the Russian annexation of Crimea.  The goals of extemporaneous policy debate are many: encouraging fluent and cogent speaking skills, nurturing active and careful listening, and fostering cooperation and camaraderie within the school and the greater state association. Membership is open to all high school students.

Meetings are weekly.  Tournaments are held monthly on a Saturday between about 9:00 and 5:30 and rotate between various Fairfield County public high schools.  At the end of the season, qualifying students may be invited to attend the state finals.

A full schedule is posted on  Annual dues are $25 per student.  Because debate necessitates having judges to observe and rank participants, Pierrepont is required to provide a small number of judges when we participate in tournaments.  We therefore ask that for each participating student one parent volunteer to judge at one tournament over the course of the academic year.

Chess Club      

These meeting will provide our chess players with an opportunity to hone their skills, learn new strategies and practice together.  Non-competitive and/or novice players are welcome.